Heavy Hammer Crusher

Capacity: 100-6000t/h

Max feeding size: 1200mm

Range of application: Almost all minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, gypsum, fluorite, limestone, soil, clay, marble, granite, pebble, coal, slag, iron ore, copper ore, manganeseore, refractory material, glass, etc.

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Brief Introduction

Heavy-duty hammer crusher is a commonly used crusher equipment, which can be divided into head-breaking heavy-duty hammer crusher and secondary-breaking heavy-duty hammer crusher. When the hardness of the material is relatively hard, the first two crushers can be used. The equipment is divided into a crushing process until it meets the customer’s grain shape requirements.

Working Principle

Heavy hammer crusher generally refers to a large hammer crusher. Its working principle is that the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed in the crushing cavity, and the material enters the feeding port and is hit by the high-speed rotating hammer to crush the material once. Then, the crushed material hits the material that entered later, and the crushing process is carried out again. The shape of the crushed finished material is good.

Performance and Advantages

1. The working hammer is cast with new technology, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant.
2. According to customer requirements, adjust the required granularity.
3. The structure of the hammer crusher is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution and ash leakage in the crushing workshop.
4. The overall design has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, few wearing parts, and convenient maintenance. It is an upgraded product.
5. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance and easy maintenance.

Application Area

Heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alums, bricks, tiles and other materials in the cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors for medium and fine crushing operations.


Model Work rotor diameter / length
Inlet Size
Feeding size
Motor power
DBM-1308 1310*790 800*850 ≤500 132kw-4 100-160 2818*2100*2390
DBM-1512 1500*1160 1200*900 ≤600 (160kw-4)*2 250-400 3220*2520*2800
DBM-1615 1675*1510 1480*1200 ≤650 (220kw-4)*2 400-800 3665*2915*3440
DBM-1815 1776*1510 1480*1200 ≤650 (250kw-4)*2 400-900 3822*2912*3436
DBM-1820 1800*1964 2000*1200 ≤800 800kw-6 800-1500 3474*3822*3520
DBM-2020 1920*2000 2010*1200 ≤800 800kw-6 1200-1600 4160*3920*3520
DBM-2122 2130*2260 2240*1505 ≤1000 1000kw-6 1800-2200 4990*4385*4360
DBM-2125 2100*2486 2600*1690 ≤1200 1250kw-6 2000-3000 5057*4565*4666
DBM-3032 3000*3220 3240*1840 ≤1200 (1250kw-6)*2 4500-6000 6710*6122*6340
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