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Jaw Crusher Specification Model - Jaw Crusher Selection Method

Nov. 12, 2019

1. Introduction to jaw crusher
            The jaw crusher breaks the ore by mutual collision between the moving jaw and the fixed jaw. It is not easy to cause wear and corrosion of the equipment during the crushing process. The crushed material has more uniform particle size, better quality and strong pertinence. Adaptable and flexible, easy to control and many other advantages, it is favored by consumers, occupying a very high share in the crusher market.
            Different types of jaw crushers have different feed port sizes, processing capacities, motor powers, etc. How can we choose the right jaw crusher model? A brief description of the jaw crusher specifications and selection methods will be given below.

2. Jaw Crusher Specifications

            Jaw crusher can be divided into PE type jaw crusher and PEX jaw crusher according to different crushing methods. PE jaw crusher is usually used for coarse crushing of ore, PEX jaw crusher. It is usually used for medium and fine crushing of ore. Each type of jaw crusher has its own model and technical parameters. The range of adaptation and output are also different. The specifications and corresponding technical parameters of the jaw crusher are shown in the table below. Please click on the specific model and quotation.

3. Jaw crusher selection method

            There are countless models of jaw crushers on the market. Users must follow the correct method steps when selecting, so that they can choose the right jaw crusher model to double the benefits. The following is a summary of the Red Star machine experts. The selection method of jaw crusher specifications.

1. Understand the nature of the material

           Different types of jaw crusher, the applicable materials are also different, then the jaw crusher can crush which materials, the user needs to analyze the mineralogical characteristics such as hardness, structure and humidity of the processed materials before selecting the model, and Investigate the production environment to select the jaw crusher model that matches the material properties.

2, understand their own production requirements

           Due to the different scales of the manufacturers, the output requirements of jaw crushers are also different. Usually, the jaw crushers of large models are more adaptable and have higher output, but the price is more expensive. For small manufacturers, buy this. The type of jaw crusher does not achieve a good crushing effect, and can not obtain considerable benefits. Therefore, users must choose their own specifications according to their own production requirements and production.

3, understand the cost of equipment

             The price/performance ratio of a jaw crusher refers to the ratio of performance to price. Every user wants to buy a cost-effective equipment, so the user needs to structure, quality and crush each type of jaw crusher before choosing. Understand the comprehensive performance of efficiency, production, energy saving and environmental protection, and purchase high-quality jaw crusher equipment at a lower price.

4. Do you need to change the job site frequently?

            We know that the development of the construction waste recycling industry in the past two years is very good, but the amount of construction waste in one place is limited and may only be processed in two or three months. For projects with shorter construction period and greater liquidity. The use of the mobile series jaw crusher is undoubtedly more time and cost saving. The fixed jaw crusher is more suitable for places where the construction period is longer (may need to work in one place for 2 years or longer) and the work site is not easily replaced.

            The above is an introduction to the specifications and selection methods of the jaw crusher. It is hoped that consumers can choose the right jaw crusher.