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Cobblestone Sand Making Machine

Dec. 25, 2019

Cobblestone is a common building material. The raw material is finely crushed and ultra-finely crushed. It can be used in various fields such as mining and construction. So, which construction sand making equipment is better for the cobblestone sand making?

First look at what are the sand making equipment

1. Hammer-type sand making machine: also known as hammer-type sand making machine, a sand-making equipment which mainly uses hammer heads to do work;

2.Roller sand making machine: This kind of sand making equipment can be divided into roll sand making machine and tooth roller sand making machine, etc., crushing cobblestone to make sand by pressing between two rollers

3. Vertical shaft impact crusher: This equipment has been upgraded by the third generation sand making machine. It has two sand making principles and a dual-purpose bulk material tray with higher technical content.

4. Mobile sand making machine: If the sand making equipment is used as a cobblestone sand making machine, it can form a complete sand making production line separately.

Construction Sand Making Equipment

Construction Sand Making Equipment

The above are common sand making equipment, which can be used to make sand from pebbles, but there are also options.

Cobblestone sand making machine

1. Selection criteria of cobblestone sand making machine-when general customers choose sand making equipment, they must first understand that the characteristics of different types of sand making equipment are different. The type of sand making equipment needs to be determined according to the particle size of the material, and And particle size requirements to further determine the type of equipment, according to the demand for output to choose the appropriate cobblestone sand making machine model.

2. Sand making equipment suitable for cobblestone sand making—Shanghai Dingbo machine technicians recommend users to choose custom industrial sand making equipment with higher technical content and various cost-effectiveness as the cobblestone sand making machine. The wear-resistant parts of the equipment have less wear and tear. After the crushed pebbles, the finished stones are mostly cubes with a high gradation. The hammer sand maker, as a cobblestone sand maker, has a high content of stone powder, and the output of the roller sand maker is not high. The impact sand maker is good.