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How Much Is a Concrete Crushing And Recycling Machine?

Jan. 15, 2020

Q: "How much is a concrete crushing and recycling machine?"

Buy a concrete crushing and recycling machine with a production capacity of 40-650t / h, a low output of 300,000, and a high output of 1 million or 2 million. As the saying goes, "One point is one return" For how much income a year, you must choose equipment of the same standard, but the premise is to understand the true performance of the industrial mobile crushing equipment and how it is good for you.

"Integrated" production advantage of concrete crushing and recycling machine makes turning waste into treasure easier

Concrete crushing and recycling machine is commonly called mobile crushing sand making machine, which has the characteristics of reliable heavy load, energy saving and high efficiency;

1. The use of tires or crawler-type movements has low requirements on the site and can be moved at any time, especially for concrete sites, which can be penetrated into it with a climbing ability of about ± 30 ° to avoid transportation back and forth;

2. Achieve integrated production and integrate production processes such as feeding, crushing, sand making, screening, transmission, and recycling;

3. Select a suitable configuration host, one-shot molding, achieve less investment, achieve higher benefits, make the finished product uniform in size, good in shape, and meet the customer's requirements;

4. One-click control. The device is equipped with a PLC control system. The entire room can be controlled in the control room. The NC mode can monitor the temperature, pressure, current, production details and other data of the device in real time, effectively improving the safety factor.

The concrete was successfully crushed and recycled, and sand and stone were produced at the same time, which could be turned into waste and recycled into various industries

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

1. Making environmentally friendly bricks: The finished 2.5-10mm finished products can be used to produce environmentally friendly bricks, and they are high-quality raw materials, which not only achieves greening of the environment, but also improves the recycling of resources.

2. Road bedding: materials with a size of 10-32mm can be directly used for road bedding, reducing the country's use of raw materials for road construction, and the texture is hard and the effect is good.

3. Wall-laying mortar: Raw materials with a particle size of 0-4.5mm can be used in the wall-laying mortar of the construction industry. As the main raw material, concrete itself is a good building aggregate. Using it improves the building safety factor and reduces costs.

What are the common types of industrial crawler type mobile crusher?

Hubei mobile crusher: crushing + separation of concrete blocks

In view of the hardness and the head of the concrete, it is better to use the Hubei mobile crusher. The concrete block is mixed with various materials such as wood chips, iron wire, steel bars, plastics, etc. After using the Hubei crusher with strong crushing force, Separate various materials directly with a separator, especially reinforced iron wires, to avoid damage to the two-stage sand making mobile crusher.

Counterattack mobile crusher: sand making + screening

The impact crusher has a shaping function and performs two-stage crushing very well. Its compressive strength is less than 350 MPa, which is suitable for concrete blocks, mainly because this type of equipment is cheap and cost-effective. It is also the current choice. A device.

If you have any questions about the concrete crushing and recycling machine, you can consult online for a quote

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