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What Crusher Is Good for Crushing Stones?

Apr. 18, 2020

Pebbles are indispensable materials for the development of infrastructure such as roads, municipal administration, construction, railways, and water conservancy. They are mostly made of large stones such as bluestone, pebble, and gravel. . We all know that crushing large stones is broken with jaws, and crushing hard stones is broken with cones. So which type of crusher is good for the type of stone crushed, and the impact crusher and impact crusher have good particle size. Pebble crusher and shaping machine.

Impact crusher

Impact crusher

Impact crusher

The impact crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing in the stone crushing production. It is mainly achieved by the rotor and the plate hammer to achieve efficient crushing. The body is covered with the impact liner, which crushes the stones and protects the crusher from damage.

Crushing principle: After a large stone falls into the crushing cavity of the impact crusher, the high-speed rotating rotor drives the hammer to hit the stone. The stone is hit by the impact liner and reflected back to the crushing area of the hammer. The stone is not only hit by the hammer and the impact liner Impact crushing, stones and stones also rub against each other. The principle of multi-side impact crushing not only saves time and effort, but also shapes the stones during the crushing process, and the finished stones have a good particle size.

Advantages: The impact stone crushing and shaping machine has a simple structure, good dustproofness, reasonable application of crushing accessories, low wear, high overall operation rate of the equipment, long-term stable and efficient operation, good crushing and shaping effect, and good quality and high quality of the produced stones. , Can be better applied to the construction industry.

VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine is also called VSI crusher, which can not only crush stones and stone shaping, but also make sand. VSI crusher is mainly used for crushing and sand making of cobblestone, granite, bluestone, basalt and other ores, low, medium and high hard ore.

Crushing principle: VSI crusher is two kinds of crushing methods: "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron". Large stones fall into the crushing cavity from the feed port above the impact crusher, and are accelerated and thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotor. When the fuselage guards collide, the reaction force bounces the stones back to collide, rub, and shatter with the surrounding stones. After being crushed by the back-and-forth impact, the qualified stones are discharged from the machine cavity.

Advantages: VSI crusher has three functions of crushing, shaping and sand making. One machine is multi-purpose, the parts wear is small, the use cost is greatly reduced, the equipment operation process consumes little energy, the efficiency is high, and the finished product has excellent particle size , High quality, special equipment for stone reshaping.

There are many kinds of stone crushers, each of which has different characteristics and functions. Crushers with good crushing type of crushed stones are recommended. There are two types of impact stone crusher and VSI crusher (VSI crusher). These two devices are briefly introduced. For more details, please consult the online manual customer service.