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More, faster, better, and less expensive | Ding Bo Machine redefines crawler-type mobile breaking

Dec. 18, 2019

In the past, karma and expertise;

Now, industry and proficiency.

Dingbo machine crawler mobile crusher station, one machine is multi-purpose, superior performance, meet a variety of working conditions.


The crawler mobile station is a mobile crushing and screening equipment developed by Dingbo Machinery, which has introduced technology from an internationally renowned mining machinery company and combined with domestic actual conditions. It can be equipped with different crushing and screening equipment according to the actual production situation of the customer. The models can be freely combined. It can be used with sand making machine, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, horizontal bar cone crusher, counter-breaker, vibrating screen and other equipment. Used in mining, stone mining, highway and bridge construction, urban construction waste disposal and many other fields.


The well-known brand motor is used to realize the excellent performance of the power system, which has the characteristics of low noise and energy saving.

Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile Crushing Station

Good quality

Various levels of crushing and screening equipment can be allocated according to customer requirements, and the whole machine is optimized to ensure quality.

Saving money is not an issue

It can be equipped with a generator set to meet the requirements of normal operations such as no power or power failure, to ensure continuous operation and reduce losses.

Dingbo mobile crushing station integrates feeding, crushing, conveying, and screening equipment as a whole, and can move at any time according to the location of the waste. Compared with the fixed crushing production line, the mobile crushing station has the great advantage of eliminating the crushing site, Restrictions such as complicated foundation configuration reduce the land occupation area, and no assembly time is required. The equipment can be put into work as soon as it arrives, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Over the years, Dingbo Machine which is a crawler mobile crusher factory has introduced a full range of mobile crushing equipment through continuous technical research and development and innovation, which has promoted the development of the city's green economy. We warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the factory.