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Explain how to do good maintenance of cone crusher

Nov. 29, 2019

The cone crusher is a fighter in the crusher, and it is also a more commonly used crushing equipment. It is also known as the four kings of the crusher, and the impact crusher, jaw crusher, and sand making machine. The series of cone crushers produced by Dingbo Heavy Industry include coarse crushing cone crusher, medium crushing cone crusher, and fine crushing cone crusher. The standard type is suitable for medium crushing, the medium type is suitable for fine crushing, and the short head type is suitable for fine crushing.

The cone crusher requires us to maintain it during use. After long-term use, if we do not pay attention to maintenance, it will easily cause damage to the equipment, increase wear and tear, and greatly reduce the service life of the equipment. Therefore, everyone needs to do good maintenance when using the cone crusher.

1. When the cone crusher is to be crushed when the material to be crushed is wet or the water content is large, the fixing bolts for fixing the dust-proof seal slip ring should be checked frequently.

2. Frequently clean the dust and debris on the dust seal sleeve and sliding ring. If it is not cleaned in time, friction between the dust seal and the ore particles adhered to the slip ring will aggravate the wear of the dust seal and the ore particles When it enters the body, it will cause the pollution of lubricating oil and blockage of the filter element. At the same time, the service life of bevel gears, copper sleeves and thrust bearings will be reduced due to the pollution of lubricating oil.

3. Regularly check the slip ring fixing condition to prevent dust and mineral sand from entering the equipment body due to the dust seal and slip ring falling off during the operation of cone breakage, affecting the operation of the equipment and even causing serious equipment failure.

4. Clean up the ore accumulated on the beam in time, otherwise the bolt of the fixed slip ring will rotate with the moving cone and the accumulated ore will move, which will easily cause the tail of the bolt to wear.

5. Regularly lubricate the top bearing and horizontal shaft. Pay attention to check the lubrication of each part and adjust the protection of the oil pipe.

6. Frequently check and tighten the anchor bolts of each part, adjust the V-belt, check the gap of the bevel gear, and reduce unnecessary equipment failures.

Maintenance is a trivial matter, but it is these trivial things that can ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher and increase the service life of the equipment. Ding Bo Heavy Industry's big cone crusher brand has guaranteed quality, complete service and complete product specifications. The production of cone crushers includes spring cone crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, etc. Welcome to call us for consultation and visit our factory.