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Factors Affecting the Performance of Sand Making Machine

May. 09, 2020

For the sand making machine users, the most hope is to see their own sand making production line on the mineral processing equipment can play the maximum production efficiency of sand making equipment in the state of daily work. Only in this way can we maximize the increase in output and drive enterprise benefits.This is also what users want to see most. Today, construction sand making equipment supplier will briefly analyze what factors will affect the production efficiency of sand making machine in the production line of sand making equipment, and what matters users should pay more attention to when selecting sand making machine.

First let's look at the VSI sand making machine in production capacity is limited by what factors, one of the most important is the quality of Sand and gravel and composition, different Sand production equipment suitable for processing by the Sand also have very big distinction, Sand's own properties also have very big difference, these factors will affect the Sand production equipment.And sand before being processed will have many fine powder, the powder will affect sand on sand production line of delivery, because these fine powder is easy to stick in the sand on the suggest users in the process of sand and gravel material so no special requirements, building industry can be sand into broken degree of broken or finely.There is also the hardness of sand, different areas because of the natural conditions and other factors, so there are some differences in the properties of sand, so different areas of the user in the processing of sand according to the characteristics of the sand machine equipment for sand processing selection.

Vsi Sand Making Machine

Vsi Sand Making Machine

The second point: the sand making machine before sand material processing, attention should be paid to the sand and the sand hardness of its other properties, we all know that sand have to be broken through hierarchical, if the sand making machine appeared in the process of processing and gravel sand humidity larger this kind of situation, cause of sand and gravel material being blocked in the process of sand making machine equipment processing, and adhesion of the equipment internal bulkhead. If the user cannot prevent found and clean up in time, can make preparation equipment production efficiency is affected,Serious will also make the sand - making machine equipment operating state is greatly affected.Therefore, the user should fully understand the operation state of sand production line, understand the properties of sand and sand composition content, because if sand contains other corrosive elements and hard sand, not only affect the processing efficiency of sand, sand machine equipment is also a kind of damage.Therefore, it is often recommended that users can do a good job in daily maintenance and repair work, and users can contact us at any time if they encounter any questions in use. We will answer for each user in a timely manner.