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Jaw Crusher-a Crushing Stone Weapon In The Mining Industry

Dec. 23, 2019

Construction sand making equipment is a must in mining, but what kind of crushing equipment is better?More popular with users?-- I'm afraid this is the jaw crusher!

Jaw crusher for crushing granite is a first-level crushing equipment commonly used in major sand and gravel fields, regardless of whether the stone is hard or soft, and whether the output is large or small. The crusher cannot be crushed directly, so it is necessary to equip it with a jaw crusher, which shows that the jaw crusher is widely used and has strong capacity.

However, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the demand for various ore raw materials continues to increase, and with the continuous upgrading and improvement of technology, the technical requirements of users for the crusher have also increased, which has also caused a wave of mining machinery and equipment. The tide is updated, and the jaw crusher has been greatly improved in many aspects such as type, structure and quality after upgrading.

And Dingbo machinery and equipment is the pursuit of quality as the goal, continuous breakthroughs, the traditional products, the use of new international technology, upgrading and transformation, and strive to achieve more value for customers. The jaw crusher produced by it not only has reasonable structure, solid structure, reliable performance, long service life, but also very high production efficiency. The particle size of the finished product is uniform, and it also takes into account energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production standards. welcome.

At present, the jaw crushers produced by Dingbo Machine mainly include PE jaw coarse crusher, PEX fine jaw crusher, PEW European version jaw crusher and other models. They have their own characteristics and different targets. The following custom jaw crusher manufacturers introduce different jaw crushers to users and friends:

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite

SC Jaw Crusher

SC series jaw crusher is a new generation of jaw crusher developed by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced technology. It uses better raw materials at home and abroad and key components provided by high-level manufacturers. Low energy consumption, reliable structure, easy operation and maintenance, long service life, low operating costs and other outstanding advantages. The equipment's feed granularity is not greater than 800mm. The production capacity range is 65-1275t / h, which is more suitable for large and medium-sized stone production lines. select.

PE Jaw Crusher

PE series jaw crusher is mainly divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. Its feed granularity is not more than 1200mm. The production capacity ranges from 1 to 1000t / h. It uses deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving. The size of the discharge opening is convenient, fast and applicable. The range of materials is wide, and there are many models of this series of equipment, which can meet the processing and production of various large, medium and small stones, and it is very popular with customers.

JC European Jaw Crusher

Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the JC series European version of the jaw crusher has greatly improved in terms of motion parameters, machine structure and adjustment methods. It adopts the integrated structure design of the motor base and the main machine, which makes the machine occupy less space. The operation is more stable, and it has more advantages in transportation, installation and maintenance adjustment. It is especially suitable for fixed production lines and mobile crushing. The feeding granularity range of this equipment is not more than 1360mm and the production capacity is 90-1500t / h.

Mobile jaw crusher

The mobile series jaw crusher is a crushing device that can be moved at any time. It adopts an integrated set of units, which is flexible and flexible, convenient and quick to transfer, has almost no requirements on the working site environment, and is highly adaptable; Two types of tire mobile jaw crusher for construction waste disposal and crawler mobile jaw crusher that can walk in the mountains and run flat as well. Its production capacity is between 10-450t / h, which is the last two years. Rookie in the mining machinery market.

Over the years, Dingbo Machine has consistently adhered to the needs of users as a guide, relying on innovative technology, and continued to explore and innovate. It strives to design and manufacture high-quality, cost-effective mining equipment that better meets user needs. Serving users and helping the industry develop.