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Fixed Gravel Line "Pk" Mobile Gravel Line, Which One Would You Choose?

Jan. 22, 2020

Impact crusher manufacturers to share with you: with the continuous development of the construction industry, the demand for stones and sand is also increasing, and investment in sand production lines is booming. For a sand and gravel plant, scientific process design and reasonable equipment configuration are essential.Currently, there are about two types of crushing equipment on the market, stationary and industrial mobile crushing equipment. What are their advantages?

Fixed sandstone production line is a more traditional sandstone treatment process, which has the advantages of strong production capacity, good quality of sandstone, stable production line, etc., but the disadvantage is that it involves a series of installation, the need to lay foundation, site planning and design, etc. Complex problems, not suitable for frequent migration. 

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

Mobile gravel production line is a new scientific gravel treatment process in recent years. Its main features are that it can be transferred to the plant at any time, the equipment configuration is more flexible, and the environment is more adaptable and more flexible than the fixed production line. Currently, This scheme is used more often.

For the different characteristics of the two, Xiaobian will elaborate on the scope of application, processing effect, input cost, future prospects, etc .:

Scope of application

1. The fixed gravel line is suitable for the large-scale plant area, which needs to be stationed for a long time. Generally, it has a fixed connection with the ground. After being built, it will be used for a long time. It lives the same with the mine. The effect of factory use is better.

2. The mobile gravel line is mainly free from environmental restrictions. There is no complicated foundation construction, mechanical installation and other links in the early stage. It can be produced after factory commissioning. It is mainly suitable for small plant areas, and it is necessary to change the plant area similarly to construction waste. Gravel plant used.