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How Much Does a Mobile Stone Crusher Cost?

Jan. 11, 2020

With the characteristics of "intelligence, environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy saving", the mobile stone crusher has almost become a necessary equipment for modern sand fields. It can be operated by single machine or combined by multiple machines. Around Yuan. Specific equipment prices, advantages and other information, Crawler mobile crusher manufacturers introduces you in detail.

First, how much is the complete set of industrial mobile crushing equipment? Professional manufacturers give you preferential prices

The price of a single piece of mobile stone crusher is about 300,000 to 3 million, but usually one or two or even three mobile stone crushers may be used in a mobile stone production line, so the complete set of equipment is purchased. It takes about 1 to 5 million yuan, and the output range is usually between 30 to 650 tons.

2. Why does the mobile stone crusher attract customers?

Why is the mobile stone crusher more attractive to customers? The main reasons are the equipment's environmental protection and intelligence, as well as its flexible transition and stop-and-go operation. The specific advantages are as follows:

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

1. Flexible movement: vehicle-mounted movement, flexible operation, can be transferred at any time, and reach the crushing site directly, without long-distance transportation, and save costs.

2. High efficiency and energy saving: The output of single machine operation can reach 450 tons per hour. The daily operation of this equipment is more efficient and saves 25% of energy compared with traditional crushers.

3. Intelligent operation: The equipment adopts PLC automatic control system to ensure that the equipment can adopt intelligent remote operation and touch screen control, and the on-site operation is more simple, intelligent and safe.

4. Hybrid oil and electricity: The equipment uses diesel power generation and mains power supply to easily overcome a variety of embarrassing situations such as sudden power outages at the job site and the inability to supply mains power in remote areas to ensure that the equipment can always run smoothly and efficiently.

Third, the mobile stone crusher "heroic war", hit the equipment operation site

"Courageously, fight hard and overcome difficulties" is exactly the crawler mobile crusher, whether it is remote mountainous areas, narrow sites, urban suburbs, stone factories in various regions have the figure of mobile stone crusher, creating a continuous stream for users With efficient profits. Now let ’s go straight to the equipment site and learn about the “Elite” of the mobile stone crusher.