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What should be noticed when operating jaw crusher?

Mar. 14, 2020

There are many types of jaw crusher, and the operation methods of different equipment are very different, but there are certain rules in daily operation. Only the reasonable use of the crusher can increase the use value of the crusher. Today, I will tell you about the prohibition of daily operation of the Jaw crusher for basalt.

First, it is forbidden to operate without reading the instructions

Different types of crushers have different working principles, so before operating the jaw crusher, the operator should be familiar with the relevant instructions of the jaw crusher, familiar with the use and maintenance of the crusher, and avoid it when not very skilled. Do it yourself to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Second, prohibit the operation of things inside the machine

Before starting the operation every day, the operator needs to check the equipment to check whether there is ore or iron ore in the crusher cavity. At the same time, the jaw crusher is not allowed to start with load, which will cause electrical trips or machine parts Damage, so the crushing chamber should be checked before driving. If there is ore or iron, it must be removed before starting.

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite

Third, prohibit the use of unqualified power

Different types of jaw crusher for crushing granite use different power sources, so jaw crushers need to use a reasonable power supply when installing. If an unreasonable power supply is used, the equipment will It has a bad impact and at the same time moves the motor as little as possible, which helps the safety of the equipment.

IV. It is forbidden to work without wearing personal protective equipment

We all know that the jaw crusher's operating place is relatively harsh, and jaw crusher will produce noise and pollution during operation, which will affect the operator ’s body for a long time, so the operator needs Pay attention to wearing protective equipment to reduce the harm to the human body caused by the equipment.

V. Forbid to use only without maintenance

Any equipment needs to be maintained during long-term operation. Long-term use will cause some wear and tear on the equipment, so the operator needs to regularly check the wearing parts and maintain the equipment on a regular basis. This can make the jaw crusher Extended service life.

Six, do not turn off the power when power is off

During the use of the crusher, if there is a sudden power outage, the operator needs to turn off the power in a timely manner, so that when the call comes in, it will not cause damage to the equipment. At the same time, after the operation is completed, things should also be organized and closed Do not leave without power.

The above is the prohibition of jaw crusher. Only good operating habits can make the equipment work and increase the output. As a crusher manufacturer, Shanghai Dingbo Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. not only produces high-quality equipment but also has advantages in terms of price. If you want to buy a crusher, you may come to Ding Bo to have a look.