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What Kind of Sand Machine Does the Cobblestone Mill Use?

Apr. 11, 2020

Cobblestone is rich in resources, low in mining difficulty and high in hardness. It is a very good raw material for green machine-made sand. There are many pebbles in the sand making plant as raw materials for sand making. So what kind of sand making machines are used in the pebble sand making plant? How to choose them?

1. 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine

5X sand making machine and VSI sand making machine are the fifth and fourth generation sand making machines, respectively. The working principle and structural design are basically the same. Both are stone-rock working principles and are all vertical structural design features. .

Advantages: advanced technology and structure, high sand making efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, strong wear resistance of wearing parts, and easy maintenance of hydraulic equipment. It belongs to medium and large sand making equipment, suitable for large pebble sand making plants.

Disadvantages: expensive, high investment; large size, wide area.

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

Industrial Mobile Crushing Equipment

2. Mobile sand making machine

Industrial mobile crushing equipment is a mobile sand making equipment equipped with a fixed sand making machine, which can form a mobile sand making plant. Cobblestones are mostly distributed in river areas, the roads are rugged and scattered, and the mobile performance of the mobile sand making machine can meet the requirements of cobblestone flow sand making.

Advantages: mobile production, flexible and efficient; the host configuration can be customized to achieve better production results; integrated structure, small footprint; no need to piling, easy installation and movement.

Disadvantages: expensive price and high investment.

3. Double rotor sand making machine

The double-rotor sand making machine is a small and medium-sized high-efficiency sand making equipment with low cost of sand making. The double-roller crushing sand making is very suitable for pebble sand making.

Advantages: smooth operation, low kinetic energy consumption, low production cost, reasonable sand gradation of the produced cobblestone mechanism, and easy maintenance of the hydraulic unpacking device. More importantly, the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: The wearing parts wear faster and the output is lower.

4. Compound crusher

The compound crusher is also called vertical compound sand maker. It is a kind of crusher equipment that integrates domestic and foreign technologies. It can crush and make sand. Many small and medium-sized pebble sand making plants choose compound crushing mechanism sand.

Advantages: mature technology, low cost, low overall production cost; adjustable discharge, not easy to block; easy maintenance of side opening door structure.

Disadvantages: low output, fast impeller wear.

The above lists 5 types of sand making machines, such as 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, mobile sand making machine, dual rotor sand making machine and compound crusher, each with advantages and disadvantages, suitable for large-scale pebble sand making plants, and also suitable for Used in small sand factories, it can be purchased according to their own needs. I don't know how to choose the pebble sand making machine, please consult our online customer service staff.