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Six Questions about Jaw Crushers (Part 2)

Aug. 15, 2020


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Jaw crusher for crushing granite?

Advantages: low price, easy manufacturing, strong applicability, simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable work, which are the reasons why traditional jaw crushers are widely used in industrial production.

Disadvantages : small crushing ratio, inconsistent crushing, uneven feeding, low efficiency, etc.  These shortcomings are easy to cause uneven jaw wear.


What are the new types of crushing equipment developed in recent years?  What are the advantages?

New types of crushers developed in recent years include external movable jaw crushers, double-cavity jaw crushers and screening jaw crushers.

(1) External movable jaw crusher

Compared with the traditional compound pendulum jaw crusher, the external movable jaw crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, low profile, large crushing force, high production capacity, long liner life, simple and reliable on-site assembly, etc. It is widely used  Used in many industries such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, railways, etc.

(2) Double cavity rotary crusher

The double-cavity rotary crusher combines the advantages of the cone crusher and the jaw crusher, and the output is much higher than that of the jaw crusher.  The double-cavity double-action jaw crusher also has a large crushing capacity, high working efficiency, and a crushing ratio that is much higher than that of the jaw crusher.

(3) Screening jaw crusher

Screening jaw crusher, as the name suggests, can screen the crushed materials while crushing, and discharge qualified material particles out of the crushing chamber.  This automated process not only saves manpower, but also reduces the situation that the crushed particles block the discharge pipe.

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite

Jaw Crusher For Crushing Granite


Analysis of the domestic status quo of Jaw crusher for quartz 

China started to produce jaw crushers in the 1950s. Nowadays, jaw crushers developed and produced have many varieties, good performances, and larger structures, and they are well received internationally. After a long period of exploration and research, the design method has been optimized, and the design materials have become more complete. The designed machine is more reasonable in structure and has better performance.

China has conducted the following research on crushing theory and technology: ① A lot of research has been done on energy saving and high efficiency in crushing, and some breakthrough progress has been made; ② The crushing cavity of the crusher has been designed in many aspects . Efforts to design a high-cavity, non-clogging crusher; ③Based on user feedback or difficulties encountered in practice, these equipment have been improved, and large-scale machines have been used for mass production and put on the market; The combination of crusher technology and modern computer technology has developed vigorously in the direction of large-scale, simple, precise, digital, and intelligent.


Innovation direction of jaw crusher

(1) Application of modern design calculation methods

(2) Strive for a simple structure

(3) High-energy jaw crusher

(4) Application of new technologies and innovative new models

(5) Improve product tolerance to serve the elderly