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The Main Components of the Impact Crusher

Sep. 12, 2020

The impact crusher is mainly composed of a rotor, a percussion hammer, a first impact plate, a second impact plate, a tie rod that suspends the impact plate, and a body. The hammer and the rotor are rigidly connected.

(1) Rotor

The rotor structure of Impact Crusher has three types: integral type, combined type and welded type.

The rotor of the impact crusher must have sufficient quality to meet the needs of crushing large pieces of material. Most of the rotor of the crusher adopts an integral cast steel structure. This kind of rotor has a large moment of inertia, is sturdy and durable, is convenient for placing the hammer, and can meet the requirements of the crushing work. The steel plate welding structure can also be used for the small impact crusher. This kind of rotor is easy to manufacture and easy to balance, but its strength and durability are poor.

(2) Board hammer

The plate hammer of the impact crusher is fixed on the rotor. It is an important part of the crusher. It is required to be installed firmly, easy to replace, and made of materials with good impact resistance. High manganese steel, medium carbon alloy steel, and bearings are mostly used in China. Steel forging. Some manufacturers use welding rods to weld a layer of carbon steel hammers, or use high-manganese steel welding rods to weld a layer of metal materials on high-strength steel hammers.

The geometric shape of the blow bar has an impact on the production capacity and service life of the crusher, and a long bar blow is commonly used. There are many ways to install the blow bar, and the structure of the strip blow bar is currently used more frequently. But fixed with bolts, because the bolts are exposed to the outside, they are easily broken, and the service life is short. Some blow bars are inserted and fixed on the rotor. After the blower is worn, it can be turned around to save steel. However, this structure has strict requirements on manufacturing dimensions, otherwise it will cause difficulties in disassembly and assembly. A hammer consisting of a guard plate and a percussion plate. The structure is fixed with a wedge, no bolts are exposed on the surface of the striking plate, and only the guard plate needs to be replaced after wear. This kind of structure is complicated and only suitable for large impact crushers. A blow hammer fixed with a wedge and a jack wire. When tightening the top wire, the blower can be pushed outwards to close tightly with the inclined surface of the wedge. When the rotor is rotating, under the action of centrifugal force, the hammer and the wedges will turn more and more tightly. This structure is simple in structure, convenient in repair and replacement, and reliable in work.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

(3) Counterattack board

The function of the counterattack plate is to withstand the impact and crushing of the material hit by the plate hammer, and to bounce the crushed material back to the crushing zone for another crushing. The shape and structure of the impact plate have a great influence on the crushing efficiency.

There are many forms of counterattack boards, mainly two types: broken line and curved. The broken-line impact plate has a simple structure, but it cannot guarantee the most effective impact of the material; the arc-shaped impact plate can make the material block bounce from the impact plate and form a fierce impact and break at the center of the circle, and its crushing effect is high.

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