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What About The Price Of The Moving Jaw Crusher? Can It Break Concrete?

Jan. 18, 2020

Many users think about the jaw crusher for crushing granite: Flexible, efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent.Crushing materials is omnipotent. The key is that the price is still very affordable (300-200 million)

How to sell mobile jaw crusher price? Can it break concrete? A user mentioned this topic. As a "senior" mobile jaw crusher manufacturer, the price of mobile jaw crushers provided by Dingbo Machines to users depends on the output and model, and the general price will be in the range of 300,000-2 million. Crushing the concrete can be described as "easy."

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Can Mobile Jaw Crusher Break Concrete? Live shot

Can Mobile Jaw Crusher Break Concrete? No doubt about it. Mobile jaw crusher is mainly a mobile crusher equipped with jaw crusher, feeder, conveyor belt and other equipment. Its function is similar to jaw crusher, and of course it is better than traditional jaw crusher. It is easy to crush low hardness concrete .

In addition, the mobile jaw crusher is a mobile coarse crushing equipment. Generally, it needs to be combined with a mobile counter-breaker or a mobile cone crusher to form a complete concrete crushing production line. Jaw Crusher Field Operation Effect:

1. 200 tons concrete mobile crushing production line in Africa and South Africa

Main equipment: mobile jaw crusher, mobile counter-breaker + screening machine

Estimated investment: 2.8 million yuan

2.300 tons of concrete mobile crushing production line in Indonesia

Main equipment: mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone screening machine

Estimated investment: 3.5 million yuan

Ding Bo's mobile jaw crusher is a common case at home and abroad, and it is distributed in various provinces and cities. If you want to take a look at the site, please feel free to make an appointment for a nearby inspection!

Of course, not only crushed concrete, but also hundreds of materials such as various rock (limestone, dolomite, marble), crushed stone, cobblestone, construction waste, glass, etc. The mobile jaw crusher is very suitable for crushing and can meet It has many characteristics such as uniform discharge and high efficiency.

How to sell mobile jaw crusher price? One-click consultation for Dingbo discount offer

How to sell mobile jaw crusher price? Depending on the output and configuration of a single device, the price will generally be in the range of 300,000-2 million. The output of this equipment is generally 30-450 tons. Of course, the higher the equipment output, the more expensive it will be.

In addition, mobile jaw breakers are mainly divided into two types: track mobile jaw breakers and tire jaw breakers. The former adopts a hydraulic track full drive structure design, which allows more free walking, does not damage the road surface, and can achieve in-situ steering. Its functions are better than tires. The jaw breaker is more advanced, so the overall price will be slightly more expensive.

However, it does not mean that the more expensive mobile jaw crusher is more suitable for you, but it should be selected according to local conditions. In Henan Dingbo machine manufacturers, there are professional and technical personnel to assist users in one-to-one selection guidance, ensuring that each user can buy a more satisfactory, more suitable, and affordable mobile jaw crusher. Consult online at any time to get a preferential quote for this month's mobile jaw crusher, and get one-to-one technical and selection guidance for free.

Dingbo machine manufacturers specialize in the production of mobile jaw crushers, including mobile counter-breakers, hammer crusher for miningimpact crusher, mobile sand making machines and other series of mobile crushers. They are sold directly by factories, with affordable prices and quality assurance. Friends in need are welcome to come to the factory to inspect the test machine at any time!