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Users say: There are tens of millions of mining equipment, Dingbo mining machine is super powerful

Dec. 21, 2019

Technology creates the times, and craftsmanship creates quality. The mining machinery industry has become an important industry in the process of technological advancement. The improvement of mining machinery technology is a long-term work that needs to be closely integrated with the market and continuously improve the basic technology and manufacturing capabilities such as design technology and manufacturing process to achieve the industry. Thrive.

As the backbone of the world's mining machinery industry, Ding Bo Machinery which is a crawler mobile crusher manufacturers regards technological innovation as the main support for accelerating the transformation of economic development methods, and implements key measures for industry transformation and upgrading. Millions of mining machines, Ding Bo machines are super powerful! See what users say.

 "The user said: The product is impeccable and the service is at hand. I choose Dingbo machine!"

Location: Africa, South Africa

Raw materials: bluestone, limestone

Daily operation: 12-14 hours

Configuration equipment: tracked jaw crusher, tracked cone crusher, tracked vibration screening station

Customer profile: The user purchases a complete set of crawler mobile crushing production line equipment from Ding Bo at one time, mainly producing machine-made sand and high-quality stones, mainly supplied to the local mixing station.

Client feedback

The entire set of production line equipment is very good to use. Not only the equipment runs smoothly and the quality is reliable, but the overall service of the manufacturer is also very good. The manufacturer specially sends technical personnel to the scene to help us debug the equipment, test run, give us training, and output during later operations. The indicators such as output and output have met our expectations, and the profit situation is quite good. I have already introduced it to several friends. I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Dingbo manufacturers this time!

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

"The user said: When buying a mining machine, I will choose a good quality. Ding Bo machine is worth looking forward to!"

Location: Russia

Raw materials: coal gangue, coal

Daily operation: 18 hours

Main equipment: tire moving station

Customer profile: The user site is very limited, the local temperature is as low as -40 ° C, and the general crusher is difficult to adapt to the local environment.

Client feedback

Thanks to China Dingbo machine manufacturer for the tracked mobile crusher provided by us, the price is not expensive, the quality is good, and the motor and diesel generator selected by this equipment have low temperature resistance effect, which can fully overcome our local low temperature environment and Efficient and stable operation, and even material distribution, can bring more than 5 million profits every year, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with.

Chinese manufacturers this time.

The new era has given the mining machinery industry a new mission. The new journey calls for new actions in the mining machinery industry. Ding Bo Machine is doing everything and is changing from traditional machinery to new, environmentally friendly and efficient equipment. In the future, Ding Bo machine will be upgraded with innovation. Product performance, gradually occupying the high ground of technological innovation!