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What Are the Specifications and Operating Procedures of the Hammer Crusher?

Mar. 21, 2020


First of all, for the industrial hammer crusher, the operation and maintenance contents are arranged one by one according to the operation sequence and maintenance requirements. Although this method can guarantee comprehensive and systematic content, it cannot be organized by category, is not conducive to implementation and training, and is not easy to remember.

Hammer crusher equipment parts are divided into ordinary hammer crushing equipment without special requirements and main hammer crushing equipment with special requirements, general technical operation and maintenance methods, essentials and specific operation and maintenance methods of various hammer crushing equipment accessories Divided into two programs. In this way, the content can be greatly simplified, the features can be highlighted, and the memory is somewhat inconvenient.

The operation and maintenance of similar (or similar) parts from theory to actual classification becomes a complete procedure. For example, it can be summarized as ten inaccurate, ten must, operating precautions and daily care systems.

Industrial Hammer Crusher

Industrial Hammer Crusher

In fact, sometimes there are noise problems with hammer crushers. How to get users out of this trouble as soon as possible? Industrial hammer crusher factory introduces the following methods to reduce the noise of hammer crusher.

1. Reduce sound source noise: transform production technology, choose low-noise equipment; improve mining machinery processing and assembly accuracy, reduce noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction; reduce pressure and flow of high-pressure and high-speed airflow, or change the shape of airflow nozzles

2. Control the transmission process: reasonable design in the overall layout; use additional obstacles to prevent noise transmission, or use natural forms, such as hills, soil slopes, woods, grasslands or high-rise buildings or buildings that are not afraid of noise; Directional characteristics are used to control noise; for example, the exhaust of high pressure boiler exhaust, blast furnace, oxygen generator exhaust, etc., is directed to the wilderness or the sky to reduce the impact on the environment;

3. Protect recipients: personal protection workers, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other noise-proof products; let workers take turns operating to shorten the working hours of workers entering high-noise environments; adopt sound insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration reduction, etc. Measures. The shell of the hammer crusher is the carrier of the entire crusher and the carriers of various components. It withstands external forces and powerful forces generated internally. This is a strong fort. The rotor is the transmission of the operating force of the entire device. It consists of a main shaft, a hammer plate, a pin shaft and a hammer head. It shoulders the important mission of the whole crushing process. The quality of the gravel is directly related to him. Although the hammer is an integral part of the rotor, it has a separate entity that is the main crushing tool in direct contact with the material and requires special steel casting. The equipment uses a stage of crushing material. After the material is hit, it directly hits the lining to achieve secondary impact crushing. The lining bounces back into the broken space, and the material is crushed again by the impact.

Custom industrial hammer crusher finished product inspection: The finished product of the crusher hammer must not have cracks and inclusions inclusions, sand inclusions, cold insulation, air holes, shrink holes, shrinkage, lack of meat and other casting defects, gates, standing Pipes, flash burrs, and sticky sand should be cleaned. After heat treatment, there should be no cracks, slag and other defects; the bolts of the crusher protection block must be firmly connected, and the hard alloy on the hammer handle of the crusher must be connected. Sturdy (cracks should be inspected for double hydrothermal composite hammer heads) to avoid cracking and falling during use; hammer handles of composite hammer heads must be metallurgically combined, and must not be broken or damaged during use to avoid major losses.