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What Is a Hydraulic Cone Crusher?

Jun. 06, 2020

A hydraulic cone crusher  is a cone crusher adopting the method of changing the discharging port by the hydraulic means.

History of the hydraulic cone crusher

In 1898, Allis-Chalmers invited the first gyratory crusher, which can accomplish continuously crushing and releasing.

In 1926, The American Symons bros developed and also made an application for a patent for tool and carefully Symons cone crushers.

In 1948, Allis-Chalmers established a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

In the mid-1860s, Nordberg company in the USA established the Gyradisc cone crusher.The standard device is primarily the like the spring-locked Symons cone crusher.

In 1981, Nordberg Company created the high-energy Omni-con cone crusher, whose objective is to enhance the production capacity of the crusher in the quantity area of the initial Symons cone crusher. This type of tools to start with adopts. the means of dividing the moving cone and also main shaft, that is to claim, the main shaft is taken care of to ensure that just the moving cone is made to do the swing motion.

In the very early 1990s, after concerning ten years of research study and also enhancement on Ominicone,

Nordberg presented the HP (High Performance) multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

In the mid-1990s, It likewise generated the MP collection multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

In 1987, The Finnish Raum-Repola firm merged with Nordberg and then developing the Repola group in 1991. In the same year, Allis-Chalmers sold several of its squashing and grinding equipments to Svidala in Sweden.

In 1999, it likewise created the MP collection multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

In 2001, Finland's Metso Team combined with Sweden's Svedala Team.

The European Commission intervened to avoid a feasible monopoly

that Metso might have in the area of rock crushing, therefore breaking the mining machinery part of Svidala. The existing scenario was that a lot of the squashing,

and also sieving creating components went to Sandvik, Sweden as well as the little part of crusher advancement, and also mill machine were given to Metso in Finland.

Cone crusher  working principle?

When the cone crusher functions, the rotation of the motor is performed by a sheave or coupling, the cone crusher transmission shaft as well as the crusher cone under the force of an eccentric sleeve to make a swing activity around a set factor. For that reason, the squashing wall surface of the crushing cone is often near as well as often far from the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is continually affected, crushed as well as bent in the crushing tooth cavity to achieve the ore crushing.

 Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate via the bevel gear to make the crushing cone revolve, which completes the crushing work when the crushing cone is often close to and also far from the repaired cone.

The connection between the assistance sleeve as well as the structure is compressed by a springtime to ensure that when an unbreakable item such as a steel block falls into the crusher, the springtime will certainly compress as well as deform to leave these things and achieve insurance policy to stop the device from damaging.

If the contaminant is stuck in the ore discharge, it can be addressed by expanding the discharging port and afterwards the cone crusher is immediately reset by the springtime to return to typical work.

The most significant benefit of Industrial hydraulic cone crusher-- hydraulic system

hydraulic controlling component

This hydraulic system controls the motion of 3 basic circuits. One is the action of the repaired cone hydraulic locking hydraulic cylinder, the second is the hydraulic motor that adjusts the gap between the moving as well as repaired cone. The 3rd is the way of the hydraulic cylinder when the iron is launched and cleansed.

The lock cylinder is installed between the lock ring as well as the modification ring. It can sustain the lock ring located on the upper part of the modification ring to make sure that the fixed cone lies in the damaged placement in the change ring when the hydraulic cyndrical tube is pressurized throughout the squashing process.

 Hydraulic Cone Crusher

When the gap in between the relocating and fixed cones requires to be readjusted, the pressure of the locking hydraulic cyndrical tube is released, and also the electric motor on the readjusting ring begins to start. The gear on the electric motor involves the driving ring with the adjusting cap to recognize the automated change.

Concept of hydraulic system

This hydraulic system makes use of a set displacement bettor pump as the source of power, that is to claim, it transforms the mechanical energy provided by the prime mover into the pressure power of the working medium (hydraulic oil). Throughout this period, each hydraulic valve controls as well as controls the pressure, circulation, and also direction, to guarantee that the implementation component (each hydraulic cylinder as well as electric motor) to complete the fixed regulation of movement. The maximum stress of the electromagnetic relief valve change system in this circuit is 20MPa.

The locking circuit is regulated by collector pressure and zero leak solenoid valve. Since the lock cyndrical tube is always in a pressure-maintaining state throughout the working process, using an accumulator to preserve pressure can protect against the plunger pump from beginning as well as stopping often. The securing cyndrical tube is a bettor cylinder to make sure that the zero-leakage solenoid valve is reset by the weight of the support part after the stress is launched.

Readjust the electric motor circuit by using a shuttle valve to regulate the electric motor running and also quiting. As a result of the functioning nature of the host, the electric motor needs to have a brake function. As a result, the shuttle bus valve is utilized to manage the brake of the electric motor. Thus, the motor can recognize the feature of oil-braking as well as oil-cut stopping.

Collectors are used to absorbing shocks in the iron launch and also cleansing circuits. Because of uncommon operation or extreme squashing force produced by the crusher when the primary machine is working, the modification ring rises up. When the change ring increases, the hydraulic oil in the top cavity of the hydraulic cylinder will certainly be pressed right into the accumulator, then the nitrogen in the accumulator is pressed.

After that, the pressed nitrogen requires the hydraulic oil to go back to the hydraulic cyndrical tube, as well as the piston rod of the hydraulic cyndrical tube is retracted, and also the modification ring is gone back to the initial placement. This circuit utilizes an accumulator to take in shocks easily, conveniently and accurately.

The amount of types of hydraulic cone crushers exist?

One of the most typical sorts of hydraulic cone crushers are single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, and fully hydraulic crusher.SC collection single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed with advanced squashing innovation, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electric, intelligent control, etc. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a brand-new crusher framework, maximized laminated crushing tooth cavity type, and a fully smart automation control system. Generally, it can be extensively made use of in medium squashing, fine crushing, as well as ultra-fine crushing operations.

 Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for squashing various ores and rocks with medium or higher firmness, such as sedimentary rock, iron ore, cobblestone, non-ferrous steel ore and so on. Its broadband, high squashing capacity, as well as distinct patented design make the smashed final product a top quality dice form, and the very easy maintenance attribute can guarantee its high stability operation.

The full-hydraulic cone crusher is a brand-new cone crusher that combines sophisticated multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher as well as PSG cone crusher. This machine adopts innovative style principles and is optimized as well as made. The fine-grained web content in the crushed item is higher, and also the web content of the granules smaller sized than the closed-side discharge can get to 80%, which can considerably enhance the handling capability of succeeding processes and also minimize comprehensive energy consumption.

The effective combination of high-performance crushing dental caries kind and high crushing frequency has greatly improved the processing ability of the machine. Due to the concept of lamination squashing, the smashed products are primarily cubic structures, which substantially minimizes needle-shaped products.