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Which Kind of Gravel Crusher Is Good for Road Repair?

May. 16, 2020

There are several specifications of stones used to repair the road, roadbed material requirements for the quality of stones is not high, such as construction garbage raw material, sandstone, hole slag and other recycled stone materials can be;Surface stones used for road repair are required to be of high quality. Generally, small stones made from ores such as bluestone, basalt and diabase are used for road repair. The finished stones are required to be uniform in size and meet the standard size for road repair.

Which kind of good rubble crusher? Industrial hammer crusher factory to share with you:

Generally, a lot of stones used for road construction are purchased from stone factories. In view of the current shortage of stones and the high price, they are self-sufficient.Some local highway departments purchase a set of crusher for self-use to build roads, feed their own raw materials, produce stones, and then build roads.So for the road for their own use of rubble crusher, what equipment is more appropriate, worthy of recommendation?

Heavy Hammer Crusher

Heavy Hammer Crusher

Heavy hammer crusher is widely used, suitable for crushing all kinds of mineral materials. With high crushing efficiency and large production, it can supply sufficient stone materials and shorten the construction period of road repair. It is a good crusher for road repair and self-use.Moreover, the heavy hammer crusher can break the ore raw materials into gravel materials for road repair at one time, and one crusher can be used for two times to reduce the investment in equipment purchase, which is practical and cost-effective overall.

Industrial mobile crushing equipment is a Mobile production of gravel crusher stones, reasonable allocation according to the raw material Crushing host, can be more broken ore types, adjustable discharging specifications.Mobile crusher is a particularly practical crusher for road repair and self-use. Due to its movable performance, mobile crusher can supply stones for various large and small road repair projects. At the end of the project, it can be moved to the next project to continue to use, so as to reduce the transportation cost of stones.

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