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Why Can't the Crusher Break the Stone? How to Deal With It?

May. 23, 2020

Big stones are turned into small stones or fine sand, and the processing of Jaw crusher for limestone China is indispensable. Recently, some customers have heard "Why does the crusher not break the stones, what is the matter "Resolved", it is understood that the original customer's broken parts are badly worn, and they have not been replaced, resulting in unsatisfactory stone crushing conditions, unable to meet the production requirements, and the requirements of the output particle type. Too. Thinking that other customers may also encounter similar problems, mining crushing equipment factory china specially summarized the following documents for customers who need it for reference.

The reason why the jaw crusher for quartz cannot break the stone

1. The material is too large

Why the crusher can't break the stone, the first thought is whether the stone is too big, so the crusher can't break. If the material is too large, the crushing cavity of the crusher will account for more than 3/4 of the crushing cavity. The crushing cavity will be filled and the natural operation will not be opened.

2. Material hardness

If the material is too hard, the crushing effect of the crusher will not be too ideal. Each crusher has its critical value of crushable hardness, which is higher than the crushable range of the crusher, it will be difficult to crush, even if the stone is crushed, the crushing parts will be worn more seriously, and it is not easy to reach the output and fineness Claim.

3. The problem of broken parts

Each type of crusher has its main crushing parts, also called wear-resistant parts. These are the key parts of crushing stones. If the wear is serious, the crusher will not reach the desired crushing effect during operation. Therefore, broken parts should be frequently repaired and replaced. This is the case encountered by customers above, which is easy to solve.

4. Improper adjustment settings

Many crushers control the crushing effect and the size of the output particle size by adjusting the gap of the crushing parts. If the setting is unreasonable, the gap is too large or too small, the stone will not break, the output is too thick or too fine 3. The crusher is stuck.

5. The speed is not up to standard

Each type of crusher has a speed standard, which can be broken normally according to the instructions. If the rotating speed is slow, the corresponding crushing strength cannot be achieved, and the stone cannot be broken; if the rotating speed is fast, the expected crushing effect cannot be achieved.

6. Insufficient crushing power

The power of the crusher is generally provided by the motor. If the power of the configured motor is not matched or the motor fails after a period of operation, it will affect the normal production of the crusher. If the power is insufficient, the crusher will not break the stone.

Jaw Crusher For Quartz

Jaw Crusher for Quartz


1. When buying a crusher, choose a crusher. For crushing hard stones, choose cone crusher. For crushing soft materials, choose jaw crusher and counterattack crusher. Each kind of hardness stone has a corresponding crusher. Under the purchase.

2. The correct operation of the crusher during the operation process is also very important. The gap setting, speed setting, feed setting, etc. are all technical activities. It is best to operate under the guidance of professionals or refer to the instructions.

3. Any machinery needs regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of parts, and the crusher is no exception. If the inspection and maintenance work is done, there will be no problems with the above broken parts and motors.

Of course, in addition to the above factors, there may be other reasons for the crusher to break the stone, such as the quality of the crusher is not good, the structure of the crusher is unreasonable, etc. This is a problem of the entire crusher, not a small problem. Therefore, the first solution is to do the right thing from the first step of buying a crusher, so there will be no big problems. Recommend regular crusher manufacturers-Shanghai Dingbo Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.