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Work Process and Precautions of Ball Mill

Oct. 09, 2020

Ball mill manufacturer introduces you the workflow of the ductile machine.

1. Startup of the mill

The startup sequence of the mill and its auxiliary equipment is as follows:

(1) Lubrication of the main bearing and transmission of the mill, high-pressure buoyancy system and water cooling system;

(2) Induced draft fan, dust collector and discharge conveying equipment;

(3) Mill discharge equipment;

(4) Main motor;

(5) Feeding equipment.

2. Inspection during operation

Check before, during and after operation.

(1) Check whether the lubrication and cooling of the mill are normal;

(2) Check whether the mill runs smoothly, and the amplitude of the main bearing should not exceed 0.1mm;

(3) The temperature of the main bearing bush shall not exceed 60℃;

(4) Whether all parts are well sealed, and there should be no ash, oil and water leakage;

(5) Check whether all connecting bolts, anchor bolts and cylinder liner bolts are loose, falling off, or broken;

(6) The motor and its control system should work normally, and the power supply and voltage should be within the specified range during operation;

(7) Whether the high-pressure floating system is working normally and whether the start-up control is sensitive;

(8) Check whether each signal device is sensitive;

(9) In the transmission device, the reducer and the motor should be inspected in accordance with their respective documents and drawings.

(10) During operation, pay attention to observe whether the hollow shaft and oil ring are rotating with oil, and whether the temperature of the hollow shaft is normal. If the hollow shaft is found to be hot and close to the burning of the tiles, immediately take forced cooling measures and do not stop immediately to avoid "holding". axis". At the same time, pay attention to check the oil quantity and temperature of each lubricating part, and add oil regularly.

Ball Mill

Ball Mill 

3. Emergency stop grinding

When one of the following abnormal situations occurs during the operation of the mill, you should immediately contact the relevant posts, stop in the prescribed order, check and eliminate the fault.

(1) When the vibration of the main bearing exceeds the specified value;

(2) When the temperature of the main bearing bush exceeds 60℃;

(3) When the temperature of the lubricating oil is too high due to the failure of the cooling water system and the lubricating device;

(4) When the connecting bolts are loose, broken or fall off;

(5) When the partition board is blocked and the production is affected;

(6) When the internal parts of the mill break or fall off;

(7) When abnormal vibration, noise or temperature rise occurs in the reducer and motor;

(8) When the discharge screen cylinder is seriously blocked and the materials are discharged together with the slag.

4. Operation requirements before and after the mill starts and stops

(1) Before starting, make the mill rotate one week slowly by slow drive (open the lubrication device before slow rotation) and then start according to the starting sequence;

(2) After the mill is stopped, in order to prevent the cylinder from being deformed due to the long-term stop of grinding, the cylinder is rotated by a slow drive at the following interval, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes Points, 60 points. And during this time, the high-pressure oil pump is turned on to avoid scratching the bearing bush due to cold shrinkage, and the mill rotates 180 times each time.

5. Matters needing attention when the mill is stopped for a long time

(1) When the grinding is stopped for a long time in winter, after the temperature of the grinding body is completely reduced to the same as the ambient temperature, the cooling water is stopped, and the water in the main bearing bush is blown off with compressed air;

(2) Pour out the grinding body to prevent the cylinder from deforming.

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